The Strong Voice Program:
Defy Parkinson's!

Train with me: daily - effectively - sustainably –
For a price that everyone can afford.

I have developed a training program that can be used in addition to your speech therapy or seperately. It gives you a daily exercise routine that you can easily integrate into your everyday life.

Only through daily practice will your voice stay strong. If you are not able to do speech therapy, it’s better to train with me every day than to do nothing at all!


You can do your exercises anytime, anywhere, completely independently. The training units are no longer than 15 minutes in total. It's really easy to develop a daily exercise routine.


By video, I accompany you, do all the exercises with you and explain them fully to you. The easier the exercises are, the easier it will be for you to get into your daily exercise routine.


The exercises combine the most important themes which are: strengthening your breath & voice, improving articulation & improving the mobility of the facial muscles, strengthening the tongue muscles & improving intelligibility

What the first customers say about the "Strong Voice Basic Course"

Does your voice want to leave you?
You have it in your hand!

Does your voice want to leave you?
You have it in your hand!
You have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The manifestations can be very different. The disease is often accompanied by uncontrollable tremors, gait and movement disorders as well as speech and swallowing disorders.

In addition to drug treatment, physiotherapy, ergotherapy and speech therapy play an enormous role. Your speech therapy will decide how well you can actively participate in conversations, how well you can be heard and continue to express your wants and needs, as well as how well you can eat and drink.

It’s worth fighting for! Fighting means: training, training, training! Face the challenge!

You are not alone!
I will accompany and support you in this.

The voice training will help you...

That’s why you should train your speech muscles, your voice and your breathing every day:

The course of Parkinson’s disease can only be positively influenced with regular training. If you train your facial and mouth muscles, your voice, speaking volume and speech melody regularly, preferably daily, you can continue to be heard.

It is good for your soul if you manage to actively work on alleviating the symptoms of your illness - you can do something to counteract this illness.
The Strong Voice basic course
regular price 85$ | regular price 80£
Launch price 75$
Launch price 60£

The content of the course

Voice - speaking - facial expressions - breathing

Voice – speaking – facial expressions – breathing: These are the most important pillars for a strong voice, lively facial expressions and clear articulation. These are therefore also the essential elements of my training.

With this course you will receive a training plan for a full week. There is a video for each day.

You can play the videos in any order. However, you should practice with each film once a week. In each video there is an exercise part where we work on improving your breathing.

There is a unit in which we take care of your facial, lip and tongue muscles. Another block deals with improving your voice and articulation.

At the end of each film there is always a small exercise idea for everyday life. Let yourself be surprised .

That's what you can expect from the course

Building a routine

daily exercise routine that you can easily integrate into your everyday life

Action instead of frustration

daily practice means actively confronting the disease

Life quality

Regular daily practice reduces the fear of speaking

Training for everyday life

You will get ideas to use what you have learned in everyday life

My name is Esther Grote

I am your trainer. I am a Speech Therapist, Breathing, Voice and Speach Coach. For more than 20 years I have been working professionally with all topics related to breathing, voice, speaking and swallowing. Over the years I have specialized in the treatment of patients with neurological diseases and have acquired enormous practical and theoretical knowledge in this area. I want to share this treasure of knowledge with you. This training program was born out of this wish. My goal is to help many people affected by Parkinson’s to live more self-determinedly.

Frequently asked questions

No, the course is intended as a supplement to speech therapy treatment. It is designed to help you practice every day.
However, if you do not have speech therapy treatment, it is better to do the exercises with me every day than not to exercise at all.

This basic course is suitable for moderately affected Parkinson’s patients. Further courses for other degrees of difficulty and specializations are planned. Sign up for the newsletter to be informed about new courses.

The Strong Voice program is located in an exclusive members area. As soon as you have placed your order, you will receive your access data by e-mail and can get started immediately.

The Strong Voice program includes 7 videos of approx. 15 minutes each. and is intended for seven days of training. But you can do all the exercises at your own pace. You can pause and repeat at any time.

As long as the product exists, you have access to it. That is at least 1 year after your purchase.

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